Venue: Yale Peabody Museum of Natural History - 170 Whitney Ave, New Haven

(Mineral Hall)

1:00pm - Introduction
Tamar Gendler (Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences, Yale University, USA)

1:15pm - William Kelly Simpson and his contributions to the field of Egyptology
John C. Darnell (Professor of Egyptology, NELC Department, Yale University, USA)

1:35pm - A Family remembrance
Tobias K. Seggerman (W.K.S. nephew)

First Session
Chair: Christina Geisen (Postdoctoral Associate in Egyptology, NELC Department, Yale University)

1:45pm - From the Terrace of the Great God to the Gate of the Ancestors: people and pilgrims in ancient Abydos
Janet Richards (University of Michigan, USA)

2:30pm - Egyptian Statues in Context
Lawrence Berman (Museum of Fine Arts Boston, USA)

3:15pm    - Coffee break

Second Session
Chair: Joseph Manning (William Kelly and Marilyn M. Simpson Professor of Classics and History, Yale University, USA)

3:45pm - Builders of a new monarchy: Middle Kingdom rulers, their challenges and their goals.
Juan Carlos Moreno Garcia (French Center for Scientific Research, Paris, France)

4:30pm - What he has begun, cannot be destroyed - A new hymn to Thoth from Dêr el-Medina
Hans-Werner Fischer-Elfert (University of Leipzig, Germany)

5:15pm - Concluding Remarks
Stephen Davis  (Director of the William K. and Marilyn M. Simpson Egyptology Endowment, Yale University, USA)

5:30-7:00 pm    - Reception (Dinosaur Hall)


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