Yale Egyptology Lecture Series (Cycle 2)


We are very pleased to announce that Yale Egyptology will continue its online lecture series over the Spring semester.


The series aims to bring together scholars from all the various subfields of Egyptology and to offer a wide range of thematic lectures, as well as providing a discussion platform for the presentation of current research projects and field work.


Please find below the details of the first talks scheduled. Further ones will be announced in the coming weeks.


February 3, 2021 (2pm ET): Cary J. Martin (University College London)

Title: The demotic legal codes - or manuals - or commentaries - or case laws? Does modern terminology help or hinder us in interpreting these texts?


February 17, 2021(2pm ET): Laboury (University of Liège)

Title: In the workshop of an Ancient Egyptian sculptor: the estate of the chief royal sculptor Thutmose at Akhet-Aten (Amarna)


February 24, 2021(2pm ET): Aaron de Souza (Austrian Archaeological Institute - Austrian Academy of Science)

Title: “Vile Kush came”: New thoughts on Egyptian - Nubian relations at the dawn of the 18th dynasty


March 10, 2021(2pm ET): Manfred Bietak (Austrian Academy of Science)

Title: The 14th dynasty in Avaris / Tell el-Dab’a and the looting of Egypt


March 31, 2021(2pm ET): Nikos Lazaridis (California State University - Sacramento)

Title: Crafting characters in ancient Egyptian storytelling


April 28, 2021(2pm ET): Elizabeth Minor (Wellesley College)

Title: Winged hippopotami and flying girraffes: fantastical animals and the negotiation of elite identity in the classic Kerma periodThe 14th dynasty in Avaris / Tell el-Dab’a and the looting of Egypt


May 5, 2021(2pm ET): Caroline Schroeder (University of Oklahoma)

Title: Baing a girl in the White Monastery federation


May 19, 2021(2pm ET): John C. Darnell (Yale University) CANCELLED

Title: Setting a seal upon the desert: Protodynastic and Early Dynastyc augmentation and interpretation of Predynastic rock art in the Upper Egyptian desert


Registration is free but required.

Please send an email to gaelle.chantrain@yale.edu to register.


The zoom link and instructions for the connection will then be sent to you before the lecture.

If you have any question, do not hesitate to get in touch (same email address).


We are looking forward to meeting you virtually!

The Yale Egyptology Team