Yale Egyptology Lecture Series - Lecture 3

April 6th, 2022 (12:00 ET)

    Antonio Morales standing outside writing on a clipboard.


Antonio Morales

(University of Alcala/Harvard University)


Title: Making sense of the transformation of the Theban necropolis: questions, works, and priorities of the Middle Kingdom Theban Project at Deir el-Bahari and Asasif



The reunification achieved in Nebhepetre Mentuhotep’s reign signified the emergence of a
renewed Egyptian state built upon a culture of traditions and transformations centralized at
Thebes. The city became a melting-pot of political, religious, and cultural decisions, mostly aiming at the reconstruction of the administrative system, the control of the land and its resources, and more importantly, the boosting of kingship and the Theban dynasty. In this setting, the role of the high officials became pivotal. In the last six years, the University of Alcalá Expedition and its Middle Kingdom Theban Project have set up a multidisciplinary and international team of experts that is conducting archaeological excavation, epigraphic work, and conservation in the tombs of some of these officials from the late Eleventh and early Twelfth dynasties. The documentation and study of the tombs of the visirs Dagi and Ipi, the hight steward Henenu, and the overseer of prisons Djari, among others, will no doubt allow scholars to have a better understanding of the role of Thebes in the construction of the classical age in pharaonic history. The lecture will cover the major questions posed by this research, the major lines of investigation of the project, and the results of this expedition after six seasons of work in the Theban necropolis (2015-2022


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