Yale Archaeology of Sudan & Nubia colloquium

The Yale Egyptological Institute and the NELC and Anthropology Departments at Yale are proud to host a one-day colloquium on the archaeology of Sudan and Nubia. The event will bring together scholars from within Yale, the USA and Canada, as well as Egypt to present their fieldwork projects relating to historical Nubia.

The event is designed to create a platform in which to present and discuss recent finds, discoveries, and insights in the archaeology and history of Sudan and Nubia and showcase the achievements by researchers in the field. Papers will present a variety of topics relating to ancient Nubia, from nomadic cultures of the Second Millennium BCE, Middle Kingdom fortresses, temples and cemeteries of the Kushite period, as well as Meroitic Temples and goldmines in the Eastern Desert.


Laurel Bestock (Brown)

Julien Cooper (Yale)

Geoff Emberling (Michigan)

Vincent Francigny (CNRS)

Maria Gatto (AU Cairo)

Krzysztof Grzymski (Toronto-ROM)

Kathryn Howley (NYU)

Stuart Tyson Smith (UC-SB)

Martin Uildriks (Brown)

The colloquium will take place April 6, 2019, 9am-530pm at Yale University, Sterling Memorial Library, Lecture Hall and Memorabilia Room, New Haven CT, 06511 USA.

Please join us for a wine reception after the presentations from 5:30-6:30pm

The colloquium is free and open to the public.
Please RSVP your attendance to julien.cooper@yale.edu (necessary for catering).


Directions to colloquium

The colloquium will be held in the Sterling Memorial Library Lecture Hall and Memorabilia Room.

For more particulars on directions please see https://web.library.yale.edu/mssa/location-directions

Upon arrival, entrance to the library will be through 301 York Street, not the main entrance on High Street. In the remainder of the day the main entrance on High St will be open.