Publications and Articles

Preliminary OI Reports:


Tell Edfu 2018 (Oriental Institute Annual Report 2018-2019, pp. 139-154)

Tell Edfu 2017 (Oriental Institute Annual Report 2017-2018, pp. 156-180)

Tell Edfu 2016 (Oriental Institute Annual Report 2016-2017, pp. 158-167)

Tell Edfu 2015 (Oriental Institute Annual Report 2015-2016, pp. 150-158)

Tell Edfu 2014 (Oriental Institute Annual Report 2014-2015, pp. 153-166)

Tell Edfu 2012 (Oriental Institute Annual Report 2012-2013, pp. 113-125)

Tell Edfu 2011 (Oriental Institute Annual Report 2011-2012, pp. 153-163)

Tell Edfu 2010 (Oriental Institute Annual Report 2010-2011, pp. 112-121)

Tell Edfu 2009 (Oriental Institute Annual Report 2009-2010, pp. 94-104)

Tell Edfu 2008 (Oriental Institute Annual Report 2008-2009, pp. 117-125)



Other Publications:


  • Moeller, Nadine. “A group of three human figures from Tell Edfu.”, in: Scalf, F. and Muhs, B. (eds.), A Master of Secrets in the Chamber of Darkness. Egyptological Studies in Honor of Robert K. Ritner presented on the occasion of his 68th birthday, The Oriental Institute Museum, Chicago, Forthcoming.
  • Moeller, Nadine and Marouard, Gregory. “Tell Edfu.”, in Van den Hout, T. (ed.), Discovering New Pasts: The OI at 100, 2019, pp. 221-229.

  • Moeller, Nadine and Marouard, Gregory. “The development of two early urban centers in Upper Egypt during the 3rd millennium BCE: The examples of Edfu and Dendara.”, in: Budka J. and Auenmüller,  J. (eds.), From Microcosm to Macrocosm: Individual households and cities in Ancient Egypt and Nubia, LMU, Munich, 2018, pp. 29-58.